In the vibrant realm of Roblox Anime Ball, players are thrust into a dynamic environment where precision and strategy reign supreme. Navigating through challenges presented by a relentless homing energy ball, gamers are armed with an array of abilities, iconic anime swords, and visually striking death effects, all enhancing the overall gameplay. Anime Ball stands as a testament to versatility, catering to both casual players and those hungry for leaderboard dominance.

What is Anime Ball?

Anime Ball is a dynamic and immersive gaming experience within the Roblox platform. In this virtual realm, players find themselves navigating challenges presented by a homing energy ball, requiring precise timing and strategic maneuvers. Developed by Ewber, the game offers a versatile gameplay experience with a range of abilities, iconic anime swords, and visually striking death effects.

Catering to both casual players and those aspiring for leaderboard dominance, Anime Ball provides players with the opportunity to enhance their gameplay through the acquisition of in-game currency, Yen. This currency can be obtained using Anime Ball codes, which are periodically released by the developer, unlocking various rewards such as weapons, explosions, and other powerful abilities.

List of All New Anime Ball Codes

Anime Ball codes, the golden tickets of the gaming world, open doors to a treasure trove of free Yen. This in-game currency becomes the gateway to acquiring new weapons and explosive enhancements, empowering players with potent abilities and paving the way to victory. Let’s explore some of the latest codes that promise bountiful rewards:

SORRY4DELAYRedeem code for free rewards (NEW)
newupdateyoo!Redeem code for free rewards (NEW)
OMG10MVISITSUnlock exciting rewards (new!)
WEHAVE5MVISITSDiscover exclusive rewards
BESTGAME2020Claim special in-game rewards
24KLIKEDEnjoy a yen boost for 15 minutes
LIKED4KTIMESEarn additional yen
VISITED2MILLIONUnlock valuable rewards
1MVISITSRedeem for special rewards
250KPLAYEDAccess exclusive in-game items
LIKED4KTIMESObtain extra rewards
2KLIKESDiscover exclusive bonuses
THISISANIMEBALLUnlock rewards for your journey
SECRETCODEReceive 200 yen
RELEASEAdd 200 yen to your account

How do you redeem codes on Anime?

Redeeming Anime Ball codes is a straightforward process:

  1. Click on the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  2. Choose a code from our curated list.
  3. Input the code into the designated text box labeled “type code…”
  4. Hit the Redeem button to unlock your well-deserved rewards!

Now armed with the knowledge of the latest Anime Ball codes, you might be curious about other virtual treasure troves. Explore what awaits you with our guides on Genshin Impact codes, Coin Master free spins, and Dead by Daylight codes.

How to get more Codes

To stay on top of the code game, immerse yourself in the official Ewber Discord server. Here, you’ll receive real-time updates, engage with fellow players, and unearth the latest codes. Alternatively, bookmark this page, as we diligently update it with the freshest codes, ensuring you’re never left empty-handed.


Embark on your Anime Ball adventure, armed with knowledge and codes that unlock a world of possibilities. The dynamic gaming experience awaits, and with the right codes, victory is within your grasp.

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Written by Iqbal