Fairy Ring Codes

Embarking on the enchanting quest of “A Fairy Tale Part Two” in Old School RuneScape opens the door to a magical world of Fairy Rings. However, gaining permission from the Godfather to use these mystical rings requires completing the precursor, “A Fairy Tale Part One,” a journey intertwined with the “Lost City Quest” and the “Nature Spirit Quest.” In this comprehensive OSRS Fairy Ring Codes, we will delve into the intricacies of Fairy Rings and the steps to unlock their teleportation wonders.

List of Fairy Ring Codes

AIQMudskipper PointMogre Slayer area
AJQDorgesh-Kaan goblin citytake light source
AJRSlayer Cavego east from ring
AJSPenguin Islandlevel 2 penguins only here
AKQFalcon area, Woodland hunting, and Monk fishing
AKQMonk Fishing
AKQWoodland Hunting
AKSJungle Hunting south of ring & Chompy area
AKSFeldip Hills
ALRAbyssal Planeonly for fighting Abyssal monsters and getting pouches
ALSMcGrubor’s Woods
BIQKharidian DesertNorthwest area, near Kalphite Lair
BIQKalphite Queen’s Lair
BISUnicorn pen in Ardougne Zoounicorn horns
BJRHoly Grail Castlefisher king’s realm
BKPChompy area near frog pondSouth of Castle Wars, Jigjig to east
BKPCastle Wars
BKQEnchanted ForestNew area, always get tree spirit random
BKRMort Myre Swamp
BLPTzHaarSouthern part of the city. The furnace is north
BLRLegend’s Guild
CIQTree Gnome Village
CJRSinclair MansionWest side -one of two spots
CKPStarflower Plainfor making magic essence from flowers
CKRNorthwest of Shilo, near nature altarsouth of Tai Bwo Wannai
CKRShilo Village
CKSMushroom patch in Canifis, near swamp entrance
CKSMort Myre Gate
CKSMushroom Patch
CLSHazelmere’s yardJungle spidersnear Yanille
DIRGorak LairAggressive 145 Goraksprayer doesn’t work
DISWizard’s TowerSouth of tower
DJPNecromancernear Tower Of Life
DJRSinclair MansionNorthwestsecond of two spots
DKPSouthern KaramjaNorth of Nature Altar
DKPKaramja NE
DKREdgeville Canoe Station
DKSTrollweiss MountainSnow Hunting and Keldagrim
DKSKeldagrim (Dwarf City) Entrance
DKSPolar Hunting
DLQKharidian Desert/SWDesert Lizards, Jackals & Desert Hunting
DLQDesert Lizards & Jackals
DLQDesert Hunting
DLSCanifis Pub (Below)Swamp hunting area
Abyssal PlaneALR
Canifis Pub (Below)DLS
Castle WarsBKP
Chompy area near frog pondBKP
Desert Hunting – Lizards & JackalsDLQ
Dorgesh-Kaan goblin cityAJQ
Edgeville Canoe StationDKR
Enchanted ForestBKQ
Falcon area, Woodland hunting, and Monk fishingAKQ
Feldip HillsAKS
Gorak LairDIR
Hazelmere’s yardCLS
Holy Grail CastleBJR
Jungle Hunting south of ring & Chompy areaAKS
Kalphite Queen’s LairBIQ
Karamja NEDKP
Keldagrim (Dwarf City) EntranceDKS
Kharidian DesertBIQ
Kharidian Desert/SWDLQ
Legend’s GuildBLR
McGrubor’s WoodsALS
Monk FishingAKQ
Mort Myre GateCKS
Mort Myre SwampBKR
Mudskipper PointAIQ
Mushroom patch in Canifis, near swamp entranceCKS
Northwest of Shilo, near nature altarCKR
Penguin IslandAJS
Polar HuntingDKS
Shilo VillageCKR
Sinclair Mansion – westCJR
Sinclair Mansion – northwestDJR
Slayer CaveAJR
Southern KaramjaDKP
Starflower PlainCKP
Tree Gnome VillageCIQ
Trollweiss MountainDKS
Unicorn pen in Ardougne ZooBIS
Wizard’s TowerDIS
Woodland HuntingAKQ
These lead to nowhere useful:
AIRTropical Islandused in quest Part Two
BIPSalve river Island
CLPIsland with two trees
DLRPoison swamp in Tirannwn

Requirements To Use Fairy Rings

1. Completion of Fairy Tale Part I

Before venturing into the realm of Fairy Rings, adventurers must successfully complete Fairy Tale Part I.

2. Started Fairy Tale Part II

Initiating the sequel is essential, and the rings become accessible during the quest.

3. Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff

To traverse the Fairy Ring Network, players must equip a Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff.

How To Unlock Fairy Rings: A 7-Step Guide

1. Initiating the Quest

After completing Fairy Tale Part I, consult Martin The Farmer in Draynor Village to commence Fairy Tale Part 2. Be patient during the crop growth interval.

2. Journey to Zanaris

Equip your Dramen Staff and head to Zanaris, passing through the Lumbridge Swamp shed used in previous quests.

3. Unlocking the Fairy Rings

In Zanaris, follow these steps:

3.1 Alcove Cutscene

Run towards the Zanaris bank and enter the Alcove, triggering a cutscene. Acquire the healing certificate from the shelf.

3.2 Meeting the Fairy Chef

Proceed south to the cooking range and engage in conversation with the Fairy Chef.

3.3 Runecrafting Altar

Head east towards the Runecrafting Altar. Between two regular trees, find and read the Rune Temple Sign on the southern wall.

3.4 Chaeldor and the Fairy Godmother

Visit Chaeldor, the slayer master, and converse with the Fairy Godmother.

3.5 Fairy Fixit

Finally, run to the Fairy Ring in the center of Zanaris and speak with Fairy Fixit.

Congratulations! With your Dramen Staff equipped, you now have access to the Fairy Rings across Gielinor.

Easy Access To Fairy Rings

1. House Fairy Ring

The most convenient access point is the Fairy Ring in your house, but this requires 85 Construction.

2. Using Someone Else’s House

Explore World 330 (House Party World) and utilize the Rimmington Portal to enter another player’s house. Access their Fairy Ring along with other teleportation devices.

3. Ardougne Easy Diary for Ironmen

Ironmen should unlock the Ardougne Easy Diary for the Ardougne Cloak reward, granting unlimited teleports to the Ardougne Monastery. This places you near the Tower of Life fairy ring.


Embark on your Fairy Ring adventures, teleporting across Gielinor effortlessly. Whether in your own house, someone else’s dwelling, or with the aid of the Ardougne Cloak, the Fairy Rings offer a magical means of transportation in the world of OSRS.

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