Trainers are constantly searching the lively world of Pokemon Go for uncommon and potent items to add to their collection of pocket monsters. The Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go, an important evolutionary tool that can open up a variety of evolutions for specific Pokemon, is one such sought-after item. For many trainers, however, obtaining this precious stone can be a little confusing. Don’t worry; we’ll solve the riddle of how to get Sinnoh Stones and level up your Pokemon team in this guide.

What is a Sinnoh Stone?

Let’s define a Sinnoh Stone before getting into the specifics of how to get one. A unique evolution item that debuted in Pokemon Go is the Sinnoh Stone. It makes it possible for some Pokemon species to go through special evolutions that reveal strong forms and powers. The strength and diversity of your team can be enhanced with the help of this stone.

The Significance of Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

Evolutions of Sinnoh Stones frequently bring forth strong and tactically useful Pokemon. They can give you an advantage in competitive play and change the course of battles. Gaining and applying Sinnoh Stones skillfully can greatly improve your gameplay.

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How to get Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter:

1. Field Research Tasks

One of the most dependable ways to obtain a Sinnoh Stone is to finish certain Field Research missions. Watch out for assignments that indicate an evolution item will be awarded. After finishing, you might be able to get a Sinnoh Stone.

2. Weekly Research Breakthroughs

Reaching a Research Breakthrough entails finishing seven Field Research assignments, and the prize is a special box that might hold a Sinnoh Stone and other valuables.

3. Battling Trainers

Participating in Trainer Battles enhances your likelihood of obtaining a Sinnoh Stone as compensation for your endeavors, especially when team leaders or other trainers are involved.

4. Gifting with Friends

Sinnoh Stones can also be obtained through giving and receiving gifts from friends. Maintaining a strong social network during the game will improve your chances.

You’ve successfully acquired a Sinnoh Stone, a prized possession in the world of Pokemon Go. Now, it’s time to put this valuable evolution item to good use.

Selecting the Right Pokemon

Before diving into the evolution process, it’s crucial to ensure you’re evolving the right Pokemon. Not all Pokemon in your collection are eligible for evolution using a Sinnoh Stone. Here’s how you can make the right choice:

  • Review Eligible Pokemon: First, familiarize yourself with the list of Pokemon that can evolve using a Sinnoh Stone. These include Pokemon like Rhydon, Electabuzz, and Sneasel, among others.
  • Assess Individual Pokemon: Next, go through your collection and identify the Pokemon that are eligible for Sinnoh Stone evolution. These are typically Pok√©mon that have further evolutions available.
  • Consider Strategic Value: Evaluate the strategic value of each potential evolution. Consider factors such as the Pokemon’s current CP, potential moves, and how it fits into your overall team composition.
  • Select the Pokemon: Once you’ve made your decision, select the Pokemon you want to evolve using the Sinnoh Stone.

Accessing the Pokemon’s Profile

With your chosen Pokemon selected, it’s time to access its profile and initiate the evolution process.

  • Navigate to the Pokemon’s Profile: Tap on the selected Pokemon’s image to open its detailed profile.
  • Locate the “Evolve” Option: Within the Pokemon’s profile, look for the “Evolve” button. It is usually located near the bottom of the screen.
  • Verify Sinnoh Stone Availability: Before proceeding, ensure that you have a Sinnoh Stone available in your inventory. It should be listed as a requirement for evolution.

Executing the Evolution

Now that you’ve accessed the Pokemon’s profile and confirmed the availability of a Sinnoh Stone, it’s time to execute the evolution.

  • Set the Process in Motion: Press and hold the “Evolve” icon. You might get a confirmation prompt asking you to confirm that you want to move forward. To use the Sinnoh Stone, confirm the evolution.
  • See the Evolution: After verification, you’ll be able to observe your Pokemon’s incredible metamorphosis. It will progress to the next level, acquiring new skills and maybe changing in appearance.
  • Examine the Evolved Pokemon: After the evolution is finished, spend some time looking through the profile of the newly evolved Pokemon. Look for any modifications to its moveset, stats, and CP.


In Pokemon Go, the Sinnoh Stone is revolutionary because it gives trainers the chance to unleash the full power of their Pokemon roster. Through Field Research missions, combat, and using your friendship circle, you can gather these important items and watch as your Pokemon grow into powerful monsters. Now, trainers set out and let the Sinnoh Stones lead you to victory!

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Written by Iqbal