In case you play Pokemon Go, you have got without a doubt come over Yamask, a Ghost-type Pokemon with interesting capacities and an unmistakable plan. The capacity of Yamask to advance into another Pokemon is well known, but in the event that you do not know what you’re doing, the advancement preparation can be a small challenge. We’ll walk you through each step of advancing Yamask in Pokemon Go in this direct, and we’ll also toss in a few accommodating insights and tips along the way.

You must begin with capturing a Yamask in Pokemon Go. This may be finished by bringing forth an egg or coming over wild Yamask within the diversion. To advance a Yamask, you must assemble sufficient sweetness after you get one. Sweet can be earned in Pokemon Go by capturing and moving Pokemon that have a place in the same species. You must collect as numerous Yamask as you’ll be able and exchange any additional items to get the 50 candies required to advance Yamask.

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Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy you get from catching a Pokemon in order to maximize your candy collection.
  • Take a portion in Pokemon Go occasions that grant certain Pokemon higher produce rates; doing so will raise your chances of finding and capturing Yamask.
  • Attempt to bring forth eggs from the Halloween occasion in case you’re having issues finding Yamask within the wild. Amid this time, Yamask is known to bring forth from 10km eggs.
  • It’s vital to keep an eye on in-game news and upgrades since Niantic routinely rolls out modern highlights and occasions that can encourage finding and advancing Yamask.

This comprehensive direct will walk you through the method of advancing your Yamask in Pokemon Go and bringing an imposing Ghost-type to your group. In this way, go forward, capture a few Yamask, assemble those sweet, and watch as your Yamask changes into Cofagrigus!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Evolve Yamask in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Yamask is a fascinating Ghost-type Pokemon with a fascinating evolutionary story. To transform Yamask into Cofagrigus, its evolved form, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Catch a Yamask

Catching one is the primary step towards advancing Yamask. Yamask is more often than not found within the wild, in spite of the fact that it could be more predominant in specific biomes or during specific events. On your outline, search for Yamask, and utilize Incense or Draw Modules to form your chances of coming over one higher.

Step 2: Collect Enough Candy

You’ll have to advance Yamask into Cofagrigus with a certain amount of Sweet. On this occasion, fifty Yamask Sweet are required. By capturing more Yamask or sending them to the Teacher, you’ll get Sweet for Yamask. Also, in the event that you walk with Yamask as your Buddy Pokemon, you might get Sweet as compensation.

Step 3: Power Up Yamask (Optional)

You’ll utilize Stardust and Yamask Sweet to control up Yamask sometime recently it advances. It adds up to quality and CP will rise as a result. You’re free to exclude this step if you’d or maybe not control up Yamask, because it isn’t required for advancement.

Step 4: Evolve Yamask

You’ll be able to evolve Yamask into Cofagrigus once you’ve amassed sufficient Yamask Sweet. Go to the Pokemon menu, find your Yamask, and select the “Advance” alternative to achieve this. Once you make your choice, Yamask will alter into Cofagrigus.

Step 5: Train and Battle with Cofagrigus

You’ll be able to prepare, fortify, and use Cofagrigus in the fight presently that you simply have evolved Yamask into it. Cofagrigus could be an imposing Ghost-type Pokemon that incorporates an assortment of moves and abilities that come in helpful in both exercise center and trainer-versus-trainer matches.

Catch a Yamask

In Pokemon Go, Yamask may be a Ghost-type Pokemon that can be found. It is famous for having the bizarre capacity to carry around a veil it once wore as a human. You must to begin with capture a Yamask in arrange for it to advance into Cofagrigus, which is the other shape.

  • Although it is generally exceptional, you might have to spend a little time searching for Yamask within the wild. Moreover, 5 km eggs can bring forth, so keep attempting, and you might get fortunate.
  • Yamask may be a Ghost-type Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. It’s most famous for being able to lug around a mask it used to wear when it was a human. For it to advance into another frame, Cofagrigus, you must begin with capturing a Yamask.
  • It isn’t exceptionally common, but you ought to look for yamask within the wild for a whereas. Besides, 5 km eggs have the potential to bring forth, so keep attempting; you never know.

Collect 50 Yamask Candy

Be beyond any doubt that finding a Yamask may require a little tolerance and time, but with these pointers, your chances will be expanded. After capturing a Yamask, you’ll be able to move on to the following arrangement, where you’ll advance it into Cofagrigus.

Gathering 50 Yamask Sweet is one of the primary steps toward advancing Yamask in Pokemon Go. To level up and advance your Yamask into its advanced shape, Cofagrigus, you’ll require this Sweet.

You’ll perform the taking-after activities to assemble Yamask Sweet:

  • Yamask can be found in the wild, so while you’re investigating your environment, keep an eye out for it. To draw in more Pokemon, consider attending to areas where produce rates are higher or utilizing items like incense.
  • Bring forth Yamask from Eggs: Five kilometers of eggs can moreover be brought forth to deliver Yamask. Proceed gathering and protecting eggs until a Yamask rises.
  • Transfer copy Yamask: In expansion, you’ll donate Teacher Willow duplicate Yamask in return for Yamask Sweet. To transfer a Yamask, choose it, press the “Exchange” button, and after that affirm the activity. You’ll get one additional Yamask Sweet as a result.
  • Make Yamask your buddy Pokemon: Once you assign Yamask as your buddy Pokemon, you may be able to gather Yamask Sweet while you walk. To guarantee exact remove the following, make any doubt Experience Adjust is empowered in your Pokemon Go settings.
  • Before you can evolve your Yamask into Cofagrigus, you must gather 50 Yamask Candy in total. With your Yamask, keep catching, hatching, transferring, and strolling to collect enough Candy for the evolution

Walk 10 kilometers with Yamask as your Buddy

If you want to evolve your Yamask into a Cofagrigus in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to walk 10 kilometers with Yamask as your Buddy. Here’s how:

  • First, make sure you have a Yamask in your Pokemon Go inventory. If you don’t have one, you can try hatching Yamask from 10km Eggs or look for it in the wild.
  • Select Yamask as your Buddy Pokemon. To do this, go to your Pokemon inventory, find Yamask, and tap on it. Then, tap the “Set as Buddy” button.
  • Once Yamask is set as your Buddy, start walking. The game will track your distance using GPS, so make sure you have location services enabled.
  • You’ll need to walk a total of 10 kilometers with Yamask as your Buddy to evolve it into Cofagrigus. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have Yamask as your Buddy the entire time you walk the 10 kilometers. If you change your Buddy during the 10-kilometer walk, you’ll have to start from the beginning.
  • You can check your progress by going to your Buddy Pokemon screen. You should see a progress bar indicating how many kilometers you’ve walked with Yamask as your Buddy.
  • Once you’ve walked 10 kilometers, Yamask will have enough Candy to evolve into Cofagrigus. Go to the Pokemon inventory, find Yamask, and tap the “Evolve” button to evolve it. Congratulations, you now have a Cofagrigus!

Remember, walking with Yamask as your Buddy is just one way to evolve it into Cofagrigus in Pokemon Go. You can also evolve it by using Yamask Candy, earned through catching more Yamask, or by transferring duplicates.


Evolving Yamask in Pokemon Go is a rewarding journey that requires dedication and careful planning. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to evolving Yamask into its more powerful form. Remember to exercise patience, make good use of Pinap Berries, and plan your Buddy distance effectively. With perseverance, you’ll soon have a formidable evolved Yamask to add to your Pokemon arsenal.

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