Customizing your weaponry is fundamental for survival and victory within the endless field of Starfield. Weapon mods give an assortment of alternatives for making strides in the execution of your arms stockpile and customizing it to your play style. This direct will walk you through the complexities of weapon mods, from understanding how they work to making remarkable weapons.

Understanding Weapon Types in Starfield

Before delving into research methods, it’s critical to become acquainted with the wide range of weapons available in Starfield. Each type of weapon, from energy-based blasters to ballistic firearms, has its own set of advantages and characteristics. Knowing the type of weapon you have is the first step toward conducting effective research.

  • Energy-based Weapons
  • Ballistic Firearms
  • Melee Weapons
  • Explosive Ordnance

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Researching Basic Weapon Information

To begin your journey, gather fundamental data about your chosen weapon. This includes damage statistics, fire rate, range, and special features. Consulting in-game resources, tutorials, and forums can provide valuable insights.

  • Gathering Initial Data
  • Analyzing Weapon Stats

Crafting and Installing Weapon Mods

To set out on your modding travel, head to a Weapon Workbench. Here, you’ll select the weapon you would like to upgrade, and a curated determination of accessible mods will be displayed. In any case, it’s vital to keep in mind that creating mods requests unmistakable assets.

These assets span the extent from normal components like rocks to engineered materials such as polymer, cement, dissolvable, and grease. Ought to you need the imperative materials, the choice to make and introduce a mod will be grayed out, underscoring the significance of asset administration in your modding endeavors.

Mastering Weapon Mod Techniques

As you embark on your modding odyssey, consider these invaluable tips and tricks to streamline your progress:

Leveraging “No Mod” for Skill Progression

Opting for the “No Mod” selection in the crafting menu or reverting the gun to its original state before modification is a strategic move. This action contributes to the advancement of your Weapons Engineering skills. If you chance upon an easily craftable mod or possess an abundance of specific resources, repetitively crafting and removing the mod will bolster your skill level.

Unearthing Modded Guns for Skill Advancement

Seizing modded firearms from adversaries and using commonplace resources to dismantle these enhancements is an effective skill-building strategy. Even if you choose to sell the modified gun afterward, this approach remains fruitful. Keep an eye out for distinctive prefixes like “Calibrated,” which signify a weapon with heightened base damage.

Resource Tracking for Efficiency

Should you find yourself in need of a specific resource, make the most of the ‘Track’ function on the Research Category screen. This feature illuminates item names containing the requisite resource as you explore planets or interact with vendors. It’s a practical tool to streamline your resource gathering efforts.

Planet Scanning for Optimal Resource Harvesting

Avoid fruitless searches by identifying available resources on a planet through the star map. Once you ascertain a planet with the necessary resources, scan its surface to pinpoint extraction points. This strategic approach ensures efficient resource gathering.

Advanced Weapon Research Techniques

In the realm of advanced weapon research, delving deeper into innovative techniques can reveal untapped potential. This article will shed light on three crucial methodologies: Reverse Engineering, Experimentation and Testing, and Data Mining Tools. Through these approaches, scientists and engineers can push the boundaries of weapon development, ensuring advancements in both technology and strategy.

Reverse Engineering: Decoding Complexity

Reverse engineering stands at the forefront of weapon research. It involves dissecting existing weapons to understand their intricate design and functionality. This process unveils the underlying principles that govern their operation, providing invaluable insights for improvement.

Disassembling Components

  • Breaking down a weapon into its constituent parts
  • Examining materials, mechanisms, and circuitry

Analyzing Functionality

  • Understanding how each component contributes to overall performance
  • Identifying areas for enhancement or optimization


To summarize, exploring the world of weapon mods in Starfield is a rewarding experience for any aspiring spacefaring adventurer. Players can improve their gameplay experience and gain a competitive edge in the vast expanse of the cosmos if they have a better understanding of the various weapon modification options and their potential benefits.

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Written by Iqbal