Embarking on the Crimson Fleet Questline in Starfield promises an exhilarating departure from the game’s main storyline. This guide is your compass, providing a detailed roadmap on how to dive into the world of the notorious space pirates known as the Crimson Fleet. Let’s set sail on this daring adventure together.

Joining the Crimson Fleet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: The Undercover Operation

To swiftly join the Crimson Fleet, head to New Atlantis and get yourself arrested. Before doing so, it’s wise to dismiss your companion, as they may disapprove of your criminal act. Find a guard or civilian, deliver a swift punch, and then surrender by holstering your weapon. Instead of landing in a regular prison, you’ll be taken to a UC Sysdef starship, where a deal awaits you. Agree to go undercover in the Crimson Fleet, and your crimes will be overlooked.

Step 2: Commander Ikande’s Proposition

Once you’re undercover, Commander Ikande will present you with a crucial choice. You’ll learn that the pirates may ask you to commit questionable acts. The decision on how to proceed in such situations rests entirely with you. Keep in mind that if you’re apprehended by United Colonies forces, fines will still need to be paid.

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Deep Cover: Cydonia

Meeting Saoirse

Your next task in the Crimson Fleet quest line leads you to Cydonia on Mars. Locate a corrupt Trade Authority officer named Saoirse and offer her 1,000 credits for information about a shipment of Aurora, a sought-after drug in the Settled Systems.

Infiltrating the Deimos Miner’s Quarters

At the Cydonia bar, provide the sample to Adler Kemp and suggest that he might be able to assist you in “moving cargo.” Adler will then request that you collect dues from a man named Karl in the Deimos Miner’s Quarters. You have the option to pay his debts, pass a Persuasion check, or engage in direct confrontation.

Rook Meets King: Naeva, the Astraea, and Austin Rake

Encountering Naeva on Europa

Fly to Europa, where you’ll find the Astraea ship orbiting the moon. Hail the ship and talk to Naeva, who mentions someone named Austin Rake, a former member who has since escaped.

The Confrontation with Austin Rake

Make your way to Enceladus and contact the Ragana, a civilian transport vessel concealing Austin Rake. You’ll have several choices at this juncture:

  • UC SysDef: You can board the ship to talk to the captain and crew.
  • Crimson Fleet: You’ll still be able to board the ship, though the demand is quite intimidating.
  • You can tell the crew to kill Austin Rake.
  • You can immediately open fire to destroy the ship.

If you board the Ragana, you’ll be able to talk to the captain. This gives the option to let Austin Rake go (he’ll stay in hiding and there will be no hostilities). Alternatively, you can attack and kill everyone.

The Lock and The Key

After completing the above objectives, Naeva will give you the coordinates to The Key, a massive star station that houses the bulk of the Crimson Fleet’s forces. You can find it orbiting the planet of Suvorov in the Kryx system.

Upon docking, there’s a short scene involving two pirates. Naeva will then greet you, taking you on a tour of the base and introducing you to various NPCs. At the end of it all, you’ll meet the head honcho, Delgado. You’re a member of the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction now, but he still wants you to head to the prison complex known as The Lock, sort of a way to prove yourself.

Additional Tips for Joining the Crimson Fleet

Here are some additional tips for those who plan on joining the Crimson Fleet in Starfield:

  • UC SysDef has another major mission for you called Burden of Proof. This goes hand-in-hand with the other objectives since the goal is to recover documents and data slates regarding the pirate group’s activities. You can bring any evidence you find to Lieutenant Jillian Toft.
  • The Crimson Fleet has its own Trade Authority vendor, which means you can sell contraband and stolen items. Even better, The Keyspace station doesn’t conduct a scan–that would make no sense since they’re lawless vagabonds.
  • There are quests that give you alternative options and responses (i.e. UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet), as well as actions that are more nefarious (you’re working with pirates, after all). Bear in mind that getting caught committing these crimes still nets you a bounty. Moreover, your good-natured companions (i.e. everyone) will not approve of evil actions, too.
  • By default, Crimson Fleet vessels will attack you on sight. However, once you become a pirate newbie, they’ll turn into friendlies. As such, we don’t recommend joining until much later in the game, since you’ll end up with fewer ships for target practice and XP gains.
  • Conversely, Crimson Fleet ships and NPCs might be designated as targets for certain quests or mission board tasks. They’ll appear as friendlies if you’ve already joined the faction, though you’d still be able to attack them. As far as we can tell, this did not cause further hostilities with the faction, though we can’t confirm if this will be the case for every quest.


Joining the Crimson Fleet in Starfield is a thrilling venture that opens up a world of morally ambiguous choices and high-stakes missions. As you navigate through the quest line, remember that your decisions shape the outcome of the story. Embrace the life of a space pirate or choose a different path entirely – the choice is yours.

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Written by Iqbal