Embarking on the quest to defeat Regigigas in Pokemon Go requires both skill and strategy. This Legendary Pokemon, hailing from the Sinnoh region, presents a formidable challenge with its impressive stats and powerful moves. Even seasoned trainers may find themselves tested.

However, fear not, for with the right approach and a well-prepared team, victory becomes not just a possibility, but a reality. In this guide, we will unravel the tactics and knowledge you need to conquer Regigigas and emerge triumphant in your Pokemon Go battles.

Join us as we navigate the intricacies of this epic encounter and set the stage for victorious conquests in the world of Pokemon Go!

Understanding Regigigas

Before embarking on the quest to defeat Regigigas, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with its strengths and weaknesses. Regigigas belong to the Normal-type category, which means they possess specific vulnerabilities that can be tactically exploited in battle.


  • Fighting-type Pokemon: Regigigas is particularly susceptible to Fighting-type moves, rendering them the most effective option for taking it down.
  • Rock-type Pokemon: Additionally, Rock-type Pokemon can inflict significant damage on Regigigas, especially if equipped with Rock-type moves.


  • Ghost-type and Steel-type Moves: Regigigas exhibits resistance to these types, hence it is advisable to steer clear of employing them in battle.

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Formulating Your Team

To confront Regigigas successfully, it is imperative to assemble a team of Pokemon that can adeptly exploit its weaknesses. Here are some recommendations:


  • Machamp stands out as an excellent choice owing to its high Attack stat and proficiency in Fighting-type moves. Notably, Dynamic Punch is a formidable move capable of inflicting substantial damage on Regigigas.


  • Lucario, being a dual Fighting-Steel type, boasts resistance to Normal-type moves. Its arsenal of powerful Fighting-type moves, including Aura Sphere, positions it as a formidable opponent.


  • Possessing a high Attack stat and access to moves like Dynamic Punch, Conkeldurr emerges as another top-tier choice for dismantling Regigigigas.


  • As a pure Rock-type Pokemon, Rampardos can unleash massive damage with its Rock-type moves. Consider employing it if high-level Fighting-type Pokemon are not readily available.

Battle Tactics

Now that your team is assembled, let’s delve into the battle strategy:

Evade Charged Moves

  • Regigigas wields potent charged moves such as Focus Blast and Giga Impact. It is imperative to time your dodges effectively to minimize damage and maximize your Pokemon’s survivability.

Leverage Super Effective Moves

  • Prioritize the use of Fighting-type and Rock-type moves, as they are the key to exploiting Regigigas’ weaknesses. Swift moves like Counter (for Fighting-types) and Smack Down (for Rock-types) are the ideal choices.

Optimize Your Lineup

  • Initiate the battle with your most robust Fighting-type Pokemon, and be prepared to switch to Rock-types if the situation demands. Keep a vigilant eye on the timer and Regigigas’ remaining health.

Use Potions Strategically

  • Monitor your Pokemon’s health and deploy Potions or Max Potions judiciously. This practice will ensure that your team remains in the fight for as long as possible.


Armed with the right team and strategy, overcoming Regigigas in Pokemon Go is a feat well within reach. Remember to exploit its weaknesses with Fighting-type and Rock-type Pokemon, adeptly dodge charged moves, and use Potions with strategic precision. With unwavering determination and a meticulously prepared team, you are destined to emerge as the victor in the battle against this formidable Legendary Pokemon.

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Written by Iqbal