The detailed reconstruction of historical sites and the immersive gaming experience provided by the Assassin’s Creed franchise have long been praised. This also applies to Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which is set in the gorgeous metropolis of Baghdad. Players of the game can explore and see historic sites and cities from a variety of historical eras.

The Wilderness historical sites are one of the most fascinating aspects of the game, among the numerous trinkets and secrets that are strewn around.

You can find luminous orbs that update your codex at all of the Wilderness historical sites in AC Mirage, and we’ll walk you through them all in this article.

Exploring the Wilderness Historical Sites

Not only is exploring the historical locations in the Wilderness an intriguing feature of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, but it’s also a crucial element of the in-game experience. 

These locations, which are dispersed throughout the game’s expansive landscapes, giving players a better grasp of Baghdad’s historical background.

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All of the historical Wilderness sites in AC Mirage are located at these locations:

1. Other Palaces

  • Located just west of the Winter Palace in the town of Anbar, situated in the northern Wilderness area.

2. Dur-Kurigalzu

  • South of Anbar in the northern Wilderness area, this site offers a glimpse into the city’s history.

3. Founding of Baghdad

  • South-east of Dur-Kurigalzu, you’ll uncover the historical roots of the city itself.

4. Baghdad’s Canals

  • Found west of Ditch Sluice of the Fief, this site delves into the city’s infrastructure.

5. Agriculture

  • Located on the right side of the Water Mill in the northern Wilderness area, offering insights into farming and cultivation.

6. Gates of Baghdad

  • Situated on the bridge near the Iron Gate, this site reveals the city’s defensive structures.

7. Zubaydah bint Ja’far

  • At the Tomb of Zubaydah, this site provides a glimpse into the lives of influential figures.

8. Camels

  • Southwest of Caravanserai, explore the significance of camels in the city’s history.

9. Caravanserai

  • Near the gate on the east side of Caravanserai, discover the bustling trade activities that once took place here.

10. The One Thousand and One Nights

  • Near the Forty Thieves Hideout located on the northwestern side of the southern Wilderness area, you’ll encounter tales from the Arabian Nights.

11. Death and Afterlife

  • On the southwestern side of the Gate of the Mills, this site delves into the city’s beliefs and traditions.

12. Silk Roads

  • Located on the northwestern side of Jarjaraya in the southern Wilderness area, this site uncovers the city’s trade connections.

13. Seleucia-on-the-Tigris

  • In the ruins, present at the southernmost part of the southern wilderness area, you’ll uncover the ancient city of Seleucia.

These historical sites not only enhance your gaming experience but also offer insightful information about Baghdad’s past and culture. Immersing players in this captivating environment while providing them with opportunities to learn and explore, each location offers a glimpse into a distinct facet of the city’s past.

Written by Iqbal